Thursday, November 10, 2011


Those were definately THE days.
Always wanting not to be late, in vain.
Admiring schoolmates' bags (What else? That was the only way we could show off our styles, sadly).
Staring at your watch every 2 minutes before the lunch break.
Dozing off in classes.
Guffawing at others dozing off.
Then finally the big lunch break.
Bittersweetly short.
Gobblin' our tiffins away (So that we could go off to "score" our "STARS").
Running around trying to catch glimpses of them crush(es).
Secretly wishing, wanting, dreaming, hoping, praying they would notice "the stare".
Playing stupid pranks.
Sneering and staring at the couples.
Pretending to speak in English when the teachers were on the prowl.
Laughing at the most silliest jokes. Ever.
Having to listen to the boys talk about pornstars.
Wishing the bell won't ever ring.
Then the bell eventually ringing.
Going back to class, ready to doze off again.
Dozing off eventually even though you're not that sleepy anymore after seeing your crush.
Still dreaming.
Then having to listen to the saving bell ring. Priceless!
Screaming the Prayer after school, literally.
Packing your bags.
Applying powder on your face (I swear I never did this though, well maybe once. Or even twice. Or thrice. :P).
Boys cleaning their shoes fervently.
Staying back if you have sweeping duty.
Heading off, wishing to see your crush just one more time.
Buying "Burma-things", "vur", momos, "alu and papors".
Catching a bus.
Fighting to catch the back seat for the whole gang, literally.
Hoping for the real last time to catch a tiny glimpse of your crush.
Which never really happened.
And I really don't know why.

Those were the wowsome days.

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